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The Joys of Scandanavia!

Scandinavian Travel Specialist!

Denmark - Finland - Iceland - Norway - Sweden
  • Denmark: Hans Christian Anderson
  • Finland: Helsinki
  • Iceland: Spas
  • Norway: Take the Hurtigruten for a great experience along the coastline
  • Sweden: Vasa Museum - Old World Markets

Heritage Adventures!

Look up your heritage while visiting the cleanest countries in the world.

Learn customs, taste ethnic dishes, ski and dog sled -- just to name a few of the many activities that await you in Scandinavia.

Sweden's Gota Canal 1-800-323-7436

The trip was one of the best of many and we were very pleased with the pace, the hotels, the drivers, and the variety -- variety of travel, trains, boats and planes. The selection of guide and driver for St. Petersburg was superb. We would have been lost without them. The choice o "Norway in a Nutshell" WOW! that was great. Everyone should have that opportunity."


We looked forward to this trip of a lifetime back to Ron's roots -- and it didn't disappoint. Lucille Walker arranged a 3-week trip for us with stops in Copenhagen, Oslo, Bergen, Stockholm, Helsinki and finally St. Petersburg. The trip was detailed. We appreciated hotels located near railway stations or tourist attractions. Georgeous cruise lines to high speed trains. We are still looking at pictures and diaries to re-live the great experience."


Tom is SOOOOOO excited.

I am sooooo impressed. What a job you've done!

Thank you from both of us!"


I cannot tell you how much fun I'm having tracing where Tom is.

He is in his room on the ship about to leave Oslo for Copenhagen.

He LOVED Oslo and walked everywere...he loved the museums. (He DID seem to eat Italian and Thai food, though since fish is not his thing).

He has spent nearly nothing...and not complaining.

You are a genius!"


Thank you so much for organizing my trip through London and Scandanavia. I was able to visit places that people my age would never dream of seeing. I did not have any problems during my entire vacation, and I want to thank you for making sure my travels from country to country were as seamless as possible. You did a great job, and I just wanted to thank you for everything.


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